The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

There’s now no denying it: NOM wants NY supporters to see gays as disgusting, filthy, degraded

March 09, 2012, by Jeremy Hooper, Guest Contributor

NOM is upping its campaign to elect Republican David Storobin to a NY Senate seat (special election March 20), running web ads like this on Jewish news sites:

NOM Web Ad

The ads point to a landing site that looks like this:

NOM Website


So obviously the NOM call is a faith-based one, which is nothing new.  But in this case, it's also an extremely hostile one.  Here's why.

Check out the references in the NOM copy.  "Chilul Hashem"?  "Mesiy’ayah ovrei aveirah (abetting transgression of the Torah’s commandments.)"?   The very idea that Democrat Lew Fidler has "disqualified" himself?  That all comes from an intensely anti-gay letter that the so-called Jews For Morality, NOM's named partner in this elect Storobin campaign,  issued to the local community:

Nom Email 2012-02-28 Fr-Header
*A second letter is here, from which full chunks are lifted for NOM's site copy (esp. the "disqualified himself" part).

"Filth and degradation" that will destroy societies unless certain people take a stand?   Folks, this is an all out rebuke, not only of marriage, but of who LGBT people are as people!  And this crude approach is all perfectly okay with NOM, a group that's supposedly focused on nothing but civil marriage rights?!??!?!  In fact, they're actively courting it?!?!? 

This kind of thing goes well beyond politics, as NOM so frequently does.  Our rejection of this dangerous NOM game must be just as strong!