The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

That NOM views this through the lens of parties & lobbyists is the *real* problem

October 16, 2012, by Jeremy Hooper, Guest Contributor

This headline sums up just about everything you need to know regarding NOM and its four-state ballot fight:

NOM Party


Let's start at the end—the idea that the party is the focus here.  Just to recap: we are facing fights in Maine, Maryland, and Washington that could remove the final roadblock between thousands of those states' citizens and the freedom to enter into a civil marriage.  In Minnesota, we are fighting to protect that state's most precious governing document so that it does not join those that have already been besmirched by discrimination.  This is not about a party.  Oh hells yeah—we will party when we win in those states.  But the focus is on the tangible rights that affect living, breathing humans.  For us, it is.

Which brings me back to the first part of the quote: "The SSM Lobbyists."  I know it comforts NOM and its own team of well-paid lobbyists to think of their opposition movement as a collective of monied, D.C. insiders (much like themselves).  However, NOM's real opposition movement is made up of good and decent Americans from every walk of life who simply want to bring our nation closer to its promises.  This is not a game for most.  It's certainly not a profitable career for the vast majority.  The people who struggle to put this anti-equaliuty blight behind us do so not because we are seeking Beltway access but rather because we are seeking rights, protections, and deserved freedoms.

It doesn't surprise me in the least bit to see NOM, one of the most cynical (e.g.' "drive a wedge"; "sideswipe"; hide the donors) special interest groups working on K Street, looking at this whole thing as if it's a fight to ruin some suited-up lobbyists' champagne clanks.  This is a profitable game for the organization's staff, since none of them have anything to lose in any one of these ballot fights.  But for those of us who have crucial peace of mind to either gain or have robbed of our minds once again, our eye is on prizes that cannot fit in glass flutes.  For us?  This is life.