The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

Thanks for the shout out, Ms Roback Morse!

February 07, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

On yesterday's edition of "A Closer Look with Sheila Liaumingas," NOM affiliate leader Jennifer Roback Morse accused me of being "her minder" who "follows [her] around" and "clips out ten seconds" of her saying something wrong:

[SOURCE: Relevant Radio, 2/5/13]

Well first off: Hello, Jen and Sheila. A pleasure to make your digital acquaintances. Thank you for the warm welcome on this cold February day!

But a few things. Sure, the clips that people like me tend to post are on the shorter side, featuring only the pertinent moments. But that is not because we are trying to shape anything. In my case, you can rest assured that I've always listened to the entire program. I clip out the portion I do so that my reader doesn't also have to wade through the whole thing to get to the nugget.

Also in my case, I always—always, every time, in every case—link back to the full source. So there is no sleight of hand; everything is fully disclosed and exceedingly transparent.

But speaking of sleight of hand, it is highly disingenuous for Ms. Roback Morse to act as if her's is a record made up of only a handful of ten second clips. In Ms. Roback Morse's case, we have more stuff than I could ever rehash here. There are her many times testifying in front of legislatures, her many speeches in various places, her weekly radio appearances, her conferences, her writings, and so on. She is extremely prolific for her cause against LGBT equality—work for which NOM handily pays her!

Here is but a small sampling:

That's not ten seconds of content. This is Ms. Roback's record. She might think that people like me note her record because we want to "cause trouble." The truth, however, is that she is the one who chose, on her own paid volition, to trouble the waters of civil equality with this kind of speech.  I, a legally married man who would love more than anything to get beyond this contrived fight, am simply noting it. She does what she does; I do what I do.

But while I'm flattered by the shout out, I do have to wonder why Ms. Roback Morse didn't highlight my pal Carlos Maza instead. After all, he's the one who actually attended one of her recent events and got the real lowdown on what happens when Ms. Roback Morse's "ten second clips" are expanded into a multi-day conference. That was really damning stuff!!


**One more thing, Ms Roback Morse: If I didn't listen to you, then my friend John Corvino wouldn't have heard you misrepresent him.