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Come for ‘Solutions to Homosexual Behavior’, stick around for NOM’s president

May 24, 2012, by Jeremy Hooper

This weekend in Madrid, Spain, attendees at the World Congress of Families' annual convention can attend a truly chilling seesion wherein professional "ex-gay" Richard Cohen, an unlicensed therapist with some odd methods, will try to "solve" gay "behavior":

Screen Shot 2012-05-21 At 3.13.31 Pm
[World Congress of Families conference]

This booking is not all that surprising, really, since the World Congress of Families includes pro-"ex-gay" groups like Americans For Truth about Homosexuality as partner organizations.  In fact, in the organization's December 2011 newsletter, staff members promoted this upcoming Madrid conference by having AFTAH head Peter LaBarbera talk about Secretary Clinton's "defiance to her Creator":

Screen Shot 2012-05-21 At 3.13.31 Pm
[World Congress of Families News—12/11]

Oh, and have I told you about WCF Communications Director Don Feder?  No?  Well Mr. Feder has said plenty of "charming" things about us over the years, though I think you give you the best sense of how this key WCF staffer feels about us, you should just look to the time he publicly wondered "when exactly did homosexuals become a division of humanity instead of a sorry collection of individuals (connected only by their carnal appetites) caught up in a perverted lifestyle?"  This is the guy who speaks for WCF in all of its official correspondence.


Right, but what does any of this have to do with NOM, you ask?  Oh, geez—I keep forgetting to tell you things.  Silly me, burying the headline.

Well ya see, folks, it turns out that our beloved NOM—the organization leading every effort to stop civil marriage equality here in America—will also be appearing at this Madrid conference.  In fact, NOM president Brian Brown will be speaking right alongisde the aforemetioned Cohen and Feder (among others):

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[World Congress of Families conference]  

NOM seems super-excited about the apperance, press releasing and blogging Brian Brown's international efforts:

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[NOM Blog]  

But I gotta admit that I too am pretty darn glad that they're doing this.  It used to be much harder to connect the intra-movement dots that line the more pragmatic groups like NOM  right up alongside "ex-gay" advocacy or the hardcore, personally-targeted gay slights of people like LaBarbera and Feder.  The more NOM signs up for conferences like this one, the easier our job of opening the public's eyes!