The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

Remember the name David Storobin—he’s NOM’s next NY star

January 12, 2012, by Jeremy Hooper

A few months back, when NY state Assemblyman David Weprin was making a bid for U.S. Congress, Brooklyn attorney and GOP official David Storobin joined a group of ultra-conservative rabbis in questioning whether the Torah forbids same-sex marriage.  Ya know, just to throw it out there: 

[SOURCE: Facebook]

You'll notice Mr. Storobin specifically mentions the name Lew Fidler, questioning whether the NYC Councilman is also betraying Torah law (both men are Jewish).  Storboin did this because he was, at the time, gearing up to run for the state Senate seat left vacant by the beleagured Carl Kruger: A run that Mr. Storobin has now made official.

So what's this have to do with NOM?  Well, we all know that their one, concerted goal in New York state is to replace as many pro-marriage voters as possible.  They're doing this not even so much to actually change the marriage law, mind you, since I truly believe they know that goal to be as far-fetched as we do.  But as we discuss often here on NOM Exposed, the organization has a vested interest in coming across as a rough and tough player in American politics so that they can stay in the game and retain their secret layers of financing even as the public moves towards marriage equality's expansion.

Which brings us back to their next focus in this Empire State game: The aforementioned David Storobin.  I'm already seeing signs of it.  With just over two months before the special election on March 20, I'm starting to see social media teases, some uploaded videos of Storobin appearances, some positive blog mentions, and so on.  It's clear that NOM is gearing up to get behind the GOP "traditional marriage" guy, in a district that greatly overlaps the NY-9 congressional district where they directed so much cash and focus in the fall of 2011.  And of course since Mr. Storboin has already shown his willingness to knock Mr. Fidler's Jewish faith, NOM can largely transfer the crude attacks that they already launched against the pro-equality David Weprin's faith.  Cynical politcking on repeat.  

So keep an eye on this NY Senate race, folks.  NOM is still feeling the sting from New York's marriage equality win every single day, and they want to get another one of "their" peeps in Albany.  Hell hath no fury like a special interest group scorned.