The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM’s weekend plans: Tarnishing its reputation with demonstrable animus

September 24, 2012, by Jeremy Hooper

As head of the American Family Association's One Million Moms project, Monica Cole has led boycotts against everything from JC Penney (for hiring Ellen DeGeneres) to The New Normal (for acknowledging that gay couples exist).  Cole has referred to LGBT-inclusive entertainment as "moral decay."  She's also bemoaned Glee for "affirming" the Kurt character's "lifestyle choice."

This weekend, Monica will speak at something called The Truth For A New Generation conference:

Dr. Tony Beam has posted some truly extreme commentaries about LGBT people.  Beam claims that "once you open the door to special rights for same sex couples you open the door for special rights for couples who want to marry based on polygamy, bestiity, incest, pedophilia, or any other unhealthy relationship."  He's also bemoaned the fact that people like himself can "no longer...say to a homosexual, 'I love you but I am appalled at the fact you have chosen a sinful lifestyle like homosexuality,' and be considered tolerant."  Etc, etc.

This weekend, Tony will speak at something called The Truth For A New Generation conference:

Bryan Fischer is, well, um—Bryan Fischer.  He's truly one of the most incendiary voices working today.  One does not have to wait long for Bryan to use his daily radio show for the purposes of anti-LGBT animus.  It's sort of his thing.  You can find lots of it here.

This weekend, Bryan will speak at something called The Truth For A New Generation conference:

So what does this conference, with a speaker roster that clearly goes well beyond policy and cuts right into the heart of LGBT people and their causal acceptance (full conference schedule here), have to do with NOM, an organization that works overtime denying that its agenda is motivated by anything other than loving concern for marriage policy?  Well, for that answer, just look at the latest post on NOM's Facebook wall:

Yes, that's right—NOM will be appearing at this very same conference where people like Bryan Fischer and Monica Cole lead talks on "the gay agenda."  Because that's the sort of thing that NOM, an organization that was once vastly more pragmatic, now considers to be acceptable public engagement.  NOM is making less and less effort to disconnect its cause from the more extreme causes that pepper the far-right.  NOM is now signing right onto the whole shebang—personal welfare be damned.

Good for us to know as we head into four state battles, all of which NOM is leading.