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NOM’s “shocking” video of mother “harassed” at Albany tour stop

July 19, 2010

By Eden James

“Shocking video from mother harassed by gay marriage activists at Albany rally”

Yep, that’s the title on this NOM blog post today:

Here’s the shocking video of our interview with the mother who was harassed by the gay marriage activists at yesterday’s rally in Albany. An amazing woman: “This is what they are doing to our traditional families is intimidating so we can back off, and I wasn’t going to back off. . . . We need to stand for our families and we are not going to back off.”

Judge for yourself and share your thoughts in the comments:

And then check out the post we put up after the Albany event along with several pictures of the event.

For more on how anti-gay organizations like NOM play the victim card — pretending to be harmed or intimidated by gays to gain mainstream sympathy — read Mark Hefflinger’s in-depth report at Karen Ocamb’s LGBT POV.

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