The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM’s Roback Morse signs truly extreme document

August 14, 2012, by Jeremy Hooper

Even though we've all seen the National Organization For Marriage drift towards more hostile ground in the past couple of years, we still don't expect its top figures to speak out against something like a gay pride parade by using harsh, personally-targeted language like this:

Yet that is *EXACTLY* what one of NOM's most senior voices has just done.

Jennifer Roback Morse, head of NOM's Ruth Institute (a porject of NOM's 501c3 Education Fund) has signed on to a letter that does nothing more than condemn the U.S. Embassy in Prague for supporting a local gay pride parade.  And in doing so, Roback Morse has agreed to harsh language like that listed above, joining a truly extreme coalition of voices that includes Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Peter Labarbera, Brian Camenker, Matt Barber, Lou Sheldon, Robert Knight, Linda Harvey, and a whole host of others whose rhetoric goes well beyond your usual "pro-family" advocacy.  Here's the letter:

*Roback Morse is #102

It should also be noted that NOM president Brian Brown recently spoke at the conference of the organization that's behind this document—a conference where he joined figures like professional "ex-gay" Richard Cohen for his speech on "Solutions to Homosexual Behavior."

Because this is what the new version of NOM, circa 2012, does. Gays are "caught in a lifestyle," there is no worse form of "cultural imperialism" than the supposed "gay agenda," and scientifically-shunned "ex-gay" therapy is nothing other than fair discourse.  This is what the group that is leading all four state marriage campaigns is hoping will win the future.

Wake up, folks—we have dots to connect for a still largely clueless public!