The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM’s Roback Morse: ‘Same-sex attracted’ people need ‘constraints’ to stop longterm effects

June 12, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

When asked what she thinks of public figures like Sen. Rob Portman (R) who support their gay children and their right to legally marry, NOM's Jennifer Roback Morse proceeded to equate individuals who are "same-sex attracted" (which is code word for those, like Morse, who don't believe gay people are really gay) with heterosexuals who have children outside of wedlock. Both need "constraints," claims NOM's six-figure-compensated executive, so as to stave off the longterm effects.

This all played out earlier this week on the "Catholic Answers Live" radio program:

[A Closer Look, 6/7/13]

So for heterosexuals, marriage is a way to constrain desire.  But for "same-sex attracted" people, on the other hand?  Banning marriage is the proper course, apparently.

Which leads to the obvious question: What, exactly, does Ms. Roback Morse see as the proper "guard rail" for the millions of people in this world who are, in fact, LGBT?  Which is to ask, as the obvious corrolary: What does NOM itself see for LGBT people and our lives once they inevitably lose the marriage fight?