The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM’s Roback Morse: Gays want to win marriage before their kids grow up and tell on them

July 22, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

We know from those secret NOM documents (first revealed right here on NOM Exposed) that the org has in place, as strategy, a plan to find grown kids of gays who have and are willing to share bad stories about their parents.  Now, with NOM losing on some many fronts, we are getting to hear what that plan sounds like in action.

In the following clip, NOM affiliate leader Jennifer Roback Morse proudly fosters the brash idea that gay people's kids are going to grow up with all kinds of horror stories, equating these kids with those who grew up with divorced parents.  She even has an answer for those kids who don't grow up to resent their same-sex parents, suggesting that their silence is possibly due to them not wanting "to be blackballed at Thanksgiving time."  And if that weren't enough (and let me be clear: it's more than enough), Morse goes on to claim that these future tales of fright are a big reason why we equality activists want to hurry up and get marriage in place.

The whole thing is just, well—gross.  It's a truly disgusting prediction (or indictment, really) with an obvious political motivation.  It is NOM circa 2013:

[SOURCE: Issues Etc; 7/18/13]