The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM’s ‘March for Marriage’ speaker: ‘It’s not natural for a woman to have a woman/man to have a man’

February 22, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

Rev. William Owens admits that he sees gay people as unnatural, that he wants there to be "a broad-based assault" against those of us who live and love peacefully within same-sex marriages, that he sees President Obama as akin to Judas because of his support for marriage equality, and that the Commander-in-Chief's support is somehow tantamount to "condoning" child molestation.  Here is that, in four short video clips:

*FULL VIDEO: Black Clergy Group Opposes Pres. Obama on Gay Marriage [CSPAN]

Rev. Owens also goes around telling people that gays "chose" our sexual orientations:

"I did not choose to be black and you did not choose to be white -- and homosexuals make a choice to be homosexual. So why compare what we went through with your situation? It's not the same thing; there's no comparison." [SOURCE]

So why do I bring this up now?  Well, because the National Organization For Marriage has announced that this very same William Owens will be a speaker at its upcoming marriage march—one of the voices who hopes to shape the Supreme Court's opinion about same-sex couples and whether we should be denied in law:

Confirmed speakers so far (besides [Brian Brown]!) include: Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Bishop George McKinney of the Church of God in Christ, Jennifer Roback Morse, Rev. Bill Owens Sr. — but more great pro-marriage voices will be coming on board. It will be a great program! [SOURCE]

Good to know!  I mean, we do know for a fact that animus against us is an indefensible reason to deny us of marriage rights.  We also know that NOM, when faced with a white hot media spotlight, loves to pretend that theirs is a cause that's focused solely on the issue of marriage and one that is in no way driven by hostility for LGBT people.  If they want to belie all of that now, when the media spotlight is about to reach its hottest point, who am I to stand in NOM's way? 


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