The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM’s laughable attempt to turn Illinois into ****ILLINOIS!!!!****

June 03, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

I should be used to NOM's spin, widly errant claims, and constant attempts to turn their movement into the "victimized" one.  But this one, courtesy of NOM's Communications Director, still manages to drop my jaw:

Okay.  Let's consider a few things here.

(1) No bill was "defeated"—the legislature didn't vote.  So while the lack of forward movement was a big dissapointment for Illinoisans (and all of us who value equality), there was no real "defeat."  This is a major distinction and one that someone seeking media accuracy should note.

(2) Advancing marriage equality is a huge news event.  Even those on the far-right surely understand why  gaining another state becomes a big news story.  It's not some big consipiracy (or #doublestandard, as it were).  The media records history and granting the freedom to marry to hundreds of thousands of people is a historic development.

(3) Not voting on a bill, in comparison, is not a major news story.  Not really.  Lots of bills get not-voted-on every day in legislatures across this nation.  But that being said...  

(4) ...local media and many national media outlets absoluately did cover what happened in IL.  The Washington Post noted that the bill stalled.  The AP said it failed.  Local news stories used words like "dead."  Bloggers and online journalists went even more in depth.  I'm not sure what Thomas wanted: A special edition of 60 Minutes dedicating the full titular hour to a stalled bill?  A presidential news conference?  A four-part Ken Burns documentary?  Or what?

The problem, of course, is that Thomas wants the media to buy into NOM's press releases the way that he has.  In NOM world, where actual wins are few and far between this year, a stalled bill that will likely be voted on (and passed) this fall is a major news story because NOM believes a day with less marriage equality is a day with more sunshine.  NOM believes that civil discrimination against certain kinds of tax payers is a "right side of history" position, so NOM believes that the MSM should hail developments related to less fairness as social goods.  And NOM surely doesn't want the MSM to note the obvious trajectory of this debate becuase NOM knows that these trend lines are what will ultimately shut off their lights.

Thomas wants the MSM to buy into stuff like this, the fundraising tweet that he sent out after we learned that the IL bill wouldn't come to the floor for a vote:

But the truth is that any MSM reporter who reported that this Illinois non-vote in the light of so much history (SIX STATES IN SIX MONTHS!) is a sign of what "can and WILL defeat gay marriage" would not remain an MSM reporter for very long.  This is not because that MSM reporter would suffer under the hand of some oppressive "homosexual agenda" but because that MSM reporter would be laughably wrong.  As Thomas is.