The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM’s Comm. Director pushes prayer, action calling homosexuality a ‘destructive deception’

May 28, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

NOM's Communications Director is encouraging his followers to support the rabidly anti-gay Illinois Family Institute and its call for prayer against marriage equality:

[NOM's Comm. Director]

So what does Thomas' promoted prayer look like?  Well, as is custom with the animus-driven IFI (one of the few state policy groups on the Southern Poverty's list of active anti-gay groups), the prayer doesn't really just stop at marriage but instead includes a pointed call for "salvation for those caught up in the destructive deception of homosexuality":

[The IFI prayer that Thomas is pushing]

This is firmly in line with everything we've seen from the IFI.  The organization's president, David Smith, has routinely used words like "depraved" and "unnatural" in his advocacy against us.  IFI's researcher, Laurie Higgins, has one of the most over-the-top quote banks in the entire "pro-family" movement, routinely linking our sexual orientations to things like pedophilia and incest.  Oh, and IFI regularly recruits "ex-gay" Linda Jernigan to speak at IFI rallies, where she reliably blames Satan for creating homosexuality.  Unlike other oppoosition groups, IFI doesn't really try to hide its broader agenda.  The IFI is proudly against us in every way. 

Now there's this last minute prayer, fully owning and admitting an intent goes well beyond the issue of marriage itself and instead seeks "salvation" of "destructively deceived" people like me.  And who is promoting these words from this glaringly hostile, roundly anti-LGBT organization?  None other than NOM's own chief messenger.  Very telling.