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NOM’s Brian Brown, the truth, and the distance between the two

August 10, 2010

by Arisha Michelle Hatch

After wading through 255 equality activists and 61 NOM supporters, I arrived at the from of the “One Man, One Woman” rally in Raleigh just in time to hear Brian Brown describe my interview with Dr. Alveda King as a “meltdown.”

Two minutes after his speech ended I approached Brown with my Flipcam.

“Did you just say I had a meltdown?”


It’s clear to me after four weeks that Brown’s knee-jerk reaction is to lie.

“Maybe I should have used a different word,” Brown stuttered 20 seconds later. I thought “she touched your heart.”

Is that what you really think, Brian, or is that a lie too?

Mary Forrester, a representative for Concerned Women for America (and wife to a NC state senator) is speaking now.

UPDATE BY ARISHA (10:41 PST): Pastor Olden Thornton just asked NOM supporters to face the counter-protesters across the street and join him in a prayer. The 60 or so attendees turned holding their arms in the air.

“We love you.  We love you,” he repeated to close his prayer.

UPDATE BY ADAM (12:41 PST): In what appears to be another reference to Arisha’s interview with Alveda King in Atlanta, here’s Brian Brown again (via NOM’s blog):

Brian Brown urged supporters this afternoon to stand and urge their legislators to support a constitutional amendment to protect marriage: “If you move forward with a marriage amendment in North Carolina, you will show the government where we stand.” The way will not always be easy, however: “In Atlanta, some attempted to attack Dr. Alveda King and smear her — she greeted it with love.”

UPDATE BY ADAM (1:56 PST): The inimitable Pam Spaulding from Pam’s House Blend!:


UPDATE BY ADAM (2:54 PST): Here’s Joann Beckman, who spouts incredibly offensive stereotypes about the “black community”; cites debunked NOM-affiliated Ruth Institute “research” on how children of same-sex parents are “unhappy children” who are products of “genetic manipulation”; and more.

Contrast that with the Kiekegard family:

I’d like Joann to meet the Kiekgards. Those don’t exactly look like “unhappy children” out on the streets.