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NOM uses kids to attack pro-marriage Maine candidates

September 29, 2010

This guest post comes from Equality Maine – Maine's oldest LGBT political advocacy organization.

By Kyle Bailey

This week, the National Organization \"for Marriage,\" NOM, dropped direct mail pieces in State House and Senate races across the state of Maine attacking candidates who support marriage equality.



\"[Anti-Equality Candidate X] and [Anti-Equality Candidate Y] support traditional marriage.  They knows that while circumstances may not always allow it, children do best when raised by their married mother and father.  These children become the next generation which continue and preserve our special way of life in Maine.  That's why [Anti-Equality Candidate X] and [Anti-Equality Candidate Y] stand for marriage as beween one man and one woman.  Email [Anti-Equality Candidate X] and [Anti-Equality Candidate Y] and thank them for standing for traditional marriage & securing a strong Maine future.\"

Yes, NOM mailed a direct mail piece to thousands of Maine voters with the typo, \"They knows.\"


\"In May 2009, the Maine Legislature approved homosexual 'marriage.'  [Pro-Equality Incumbent A] and [Pro-Equality Incumbent B] voted to support same-sex \"marriage.\"  Thankfully, in November 2009, voters in Maine overwhelmingly vetoed that decision.  Now it's time to let [Pro-Equality Incumbent A] and [Pro-Equality Incumbent B] know we don't agree with their decision to back same-sex marriage.  Email [Pro-Equality Incumbent A] and [Pro-Equality Incumbent B] and tell them they stand on the wrong side of [House/Senate District Numbers].\"

EqualityMaine is responding in kind to these attacks with an aggressive field program to protect our pro-marriage legislators.  In June, we defeated a three-term anti-marriage incumbent and replaced him with a pro-marriage representative.  Between now and Election Day, we are committed to maintaining pro-equality majorities in the State House and Senate. If you'd like to volunteer to help counteract efforts from organizations like NOM in advance of November's elections, check out EqualityMaine's Take Action page and see how you can get involved.