The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM launching an International Organization For Marriage; France connections run deep

April 15, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper, Guest Contributor

We know that NOM president Brian Brown spent some time in Paris and that one of NOM's social media guys is responsbile for a website rallying opposition against the French marriage bill.  But as it turns out (and as many of us supsected), NOM's connections to the French marriage debate run even deeper.  Let's examine.

Over the weekend, I got an email from a French activist working closely with the pro-equality side.  He said this:  

We knew that our french opponents went to the US during winter 2012, but we had no formal clue of the benefits they got from their trip.

But we now know that they use technology from OpusFidelis in direct marketing, quite common for you in the US I suppose (mass postcards mailings), but new here.

And although the opponents here say they are non-political and non-religious, we know for sure, and have proofs,  that the Catholic Church has organized everything and is behind the fight.

Just in case you needed the confirmation.

As regular NOM Exposed readers surely know, Opus Fidelis is the Catholic social media firm that handles all of NOM's digital production.  This is why when you see a link to a NOM blog post on Twitter or Facebook, the link will often read like so:

link to NOM blog post

The "" part refers to OpusFidelis; NOM is the deeply Catholic OpusFidelis' star client.  That is if you don't count the Vatican itself, which is another one of Opus' clients.

So based on this email, I started digging around a little more to confirm the connections to which my French pal alluded.  What I found is pretty darn insightful.

For starters, check out this email blast that I stumbled on.  Don't worry if you can't read French; I mostly want you to focus on the styling and one of the English lines at the bottom of the blast:

French email opposing marriage equality

Okay, first the styling.  If you've ever seen one of NOM's email blasts (and I trust that regular NOM Exposed readers have), then you know that this one looks near-identical to NOM's standard email template.  Same logo (though in gold), same smiling pic of the org. president, same placement of social media links—same everything.  That's because both are coming from the one, central, Catholic-driven hub that unites these two fights: Opus Fidelis.  If you need further proof of this Logo for anti-equality French groupconnection to NOM's social media hub, then click the following Opus Fidelis link, which will take you to the above email:

But even more interesting than NOM's obvious connection to this one fight is the line at the bottom of this e-blast which notes that this French version of NOM is actually "a charter member of the International Organization for Marriage."  This is news!  This seems to be an announcement of a larger umbrella organization that NOM has not yet unveiled—one that will try to export NOM's American divisiveness to whatever nation might have them.  France seems to be a step in a sweeping plan.

The thing is, none of us should be surprised to see NOM making this global move.  After all, in those same strategy documents that we revealed right here on NOM Exposed one year ago (the ones where NOM told of plans to "drive a wedge between blacks and gays"), NOM made clear its intent to start an international arm:

Text from bottom of French email opposing marriage equality[FULL DOCUMENT SET]

We know NOM has moved forward with all of the other plans in those strategy documents (including the "drive a wedge" one); this is just a continuation of the international plan, with France being the first chess move in a larger, planetary onslaught on behalf of inequality.  Because it's NOM's Earth, apparently—we just get discriminated within it.

We will keep following this new international campaign as it develops.  Stay tuned.  Stay vigilant.


*MORE: Opus (i.e. NOM) is even telling folks that they don't have to actually live in France to affect the outcome of that vote.  Check out this FAQ from the  "Colectif Familie Mariage" (i.e. NOM France) site:

(*machine translation)


FAQ for French site opposing marriage equality

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