The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM Issued a Petition and Nobody Cared

July 18, 2014, by HRC Staff

Post submitted Erika Kehrer, HRC Opposition Research Manager

This week, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) announced an international boycott of JPMorgan Chase for having the nerve to ask employees to fill out a voluntary and confidential survey that included a question asking whether or not they considered themselves an ally of the LGBT community. No action has been taken against any employee based on the survey results. No retaliation has occurred. JPMorgan Chase has not given any indication that they have any intention of doing anything with the information. But of course if you’ve had the kind of year NOM has, with sparsely attended rallies and loss after loss in court and in public opinion, you’d be grasping at straws, too.

NOM, of course, claims that they have nothing against LGBT individuals, just a polite disagreement on marriage. If you’re struggling to see where the mention of marriage was, it is because there is none. Other than calling the reader a “marriage supporter” and in the name of their organization, the word marriage is not even mentioned in NOM’s release. The offending question simply asks if you are supportive of the LGBT community. According to NOM, this constitutes “pushing a gay agenda” and is apparently worthy of calling in the international troops. NOM’s boycott has nothing to do with marriage and has everything to do with animosity towards the LGBT community.

If you’re struggling to see why anyone would think this is worth re-arranging your home mortgage for, you are not alone. As of this writing, the petition had gathered the staggering amount of 4,174 signatures. That’s right, NOM put out the call to the entire world, and about 4,174 people answered. At least that is more people than showed up for their March 4 Marriage.