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NOM in Orlando: Another rally, another effort to hide

August 08, 2010

(After the epic #NOMTurnoutFAIL in Atlanta yesterday, where just sixteen (yes, 16) NOM supporters showed up (on a Saturday, to boot) to hear Alveda King, Brian Brown and the rest of the gang speak, NOM and our Trackers jumped on the road for an immediate 7.5-hour drive to Orlando. If you haven’t seen Arisha’s emotional and powerful interview with Alveda on the subject of race, the courts and same-sex marriage, it’s a must-see. Click here to view it. Perhaps in another effort to shut out coverage of the problems they’re having, NOM is holding another rally in a church today. -Adam)

By Arisha Michelle Hatch

Brian Brown and NOM decided to host their rally today inside the New Line Christian Church and guess what – is not on the welcome list.

Nonetheless, 134 equality activists are lining the sidewalk outside of the church, including the angels from Stand Up Florida and members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.


The local FOX News and CBS affiliates were allowed in with cameras.  We also have a source inside who will be documenting the speeches inside the church and reporting after the rally.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE FROM ADAM (12:18 PST): From Sunshine State News:

NOM is set to gather at First Christian Church in Winter Park; the LGBT group at nearby Orlando Joy Metropolitan Community Church.

“It was absolutely intentional,” said Ellen Johnson, who identified herself as an NOM spokesperson. “We’re in the middle of a 23-city ‘Summer for Marriage, One Man-One Woman Bus Tour.’ We’re coming from Atlanta and our stop in Orlando was planned months ahead, theirs was planned since last Wednesday.

“I can tell you, they’re only doing this to thumb their noses at us and at the institution of marriage between a man and a woman. Well, this is Florida, it isn’t California. We have some powerful people in this state who respect our state Constitution and the laws in it,” Johnson said.


Said NOM’s Johnson, “Believe me, these people aren’t all sweetness and light. They can be very intimidating to the families on our bus. I wish they had stayed far away from us.”

Tell me about it. Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in costumes, same-sex families with cute kids, and equality supporters with rainbow umbrellas- absolutely terrifying. At least we know another reason why NOM tries to exclude the Trackers wherever possible.

UPDATE BY ADAM (1:16 PST): Here’s an account from NOM’s blog:

At First Christian Church in Winter Park this afternoon, Brian called on people of faith to stand boldly for marriage, recalling a rich heritage of Christians standing for truth in the public square:

One of the most pernicious lies in this whole campaign is that we should be ashamed of our beliefs. Our opponents do not want to hear the truth that marriage needs one man and one woman. They attempt to silence us in any way they can.

Remember your history. Would there have been a civil rights movement if clergy had not stood in fighting for the rights of the human person? We stand in the same path as Dr. Martin Luther King when we refuse to be shouted down. William Wilberforce refused to be silenced, and the slave trade was shut down because of his efforts.

At turning points in history, it was people of faith who made the difference. Each and every one of us has the responsibility to stand up for the good. This is our time to stand!

Even if the Supreme Court does not protect marriage, we the people can change the U.S. Constitution to protect marriage as between one man and one woman. You are part of a community that represents the majority of Americans all around this great country.

I do think it’s funny Brian talks about speaking up in the public square while holding rallies in churches and refusing to allow media attendance at certain rallies.

UPDATE BY ADAM (1:22 PST): More from NOM’s blog:

“We must stand up for the truth no matter the cost.” That was the message of Concerned Women for America’s Florida State Director Terri Johannessen at the rally in Orlando this afternoon, as she reminded supporters of the significance of this battle. “On Thursday, the will of the people defining marriage was subverted by one judge. . . . This is not a minor change – it is a radical agenda.”

UPDATE BY ARISHA (1:42 PST): 34 sat in church pews to hear Brown’s gospel on Sunday.

Same-sex marriage “is a threat to humanity,” Brown told the small gathering.

I think we can safely assume that Brian is now checking and/or finally Googled the Courage Campaign. A source inside said he made a specific reference to our interview with Dr. Alveda King. We’re officially part of his spin.

“[Arisha] attempted to trip [King] up,” Brown said after acknowledging “It was beautiful to see the love Dr. King exuded. I stood there and watched it. It was powerful.”

Well, actually Brian, you weren’t standing by watching, we have video of you conversing with a group of police officers 100 feet away. It’s ok, but you shouldn’t lie in the Lord’s house, since we know you caught it on YouTube.

Meanwhile, outside, equality organizers called for a moment of silence and were then led in a prayer by an activist named CJ with a “gay Christian” shirt.