The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM’s CA denial: A poetic stand-in for org’s current state

September 03, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper, Guest Contributor

It's been more than two months since the United States Supreme Court essentially destroyed Proposition 8, and nearly a month since the California Supreme Court rejected the anti-equality crowd's last ditch effort to stop this reality.  But even though Golden State couples are now free to marry without incident or realistic threat of reprisal, the National Organization For Marriage is continuing to tell supporters that the state is in some sort of legal limbo:

NOM Facebook

NOM updates its Facebook page daily, constantly replenishing it with new photo memes and whatnot.  Yet this graphic, showing California as in a "jeopardized" state, has remained throughout the summer.  Unable to shade California with denial of one sort, NOM is now in denial of another kind.

It's a fitting representative of where NOM is at this point in the debate.  Faced with an unceasing string of punishing losses, NOM World has become a land of deep denial.  If NOM was honest with its supporters, those supporters would raise some serious questions. Questions like:  "Why can't you guys win anything?"  "Why should we keep giving you money?" "Why aren't you changing leadership?" "Why should we keep doing the same thing and expect a different result?" "Maybe your Catholic-driven messaging has run its course?"

But rather than face the constituent accountability to which such groups are fairly beholden, NOM has chosen to deceive its constituents.  NOM is telling its supporters that things are actually going better than the media will have you believe.  NOM is skewing polling data so that things seem a little less inevitable.  NOM is becoming ever more biblical, telling readers that God will sort it all out for their side.  And in the case of California, NOM is leading its donor base to believe that there is still a fighting chance to restore the unconstitutional Prop 8, just as long as NOM supporters reach a little deeper into their pockets.  Denial rules the day.

It sort of makes sense, in terms of self preservation, if you understand that NOM's reality circa 2013 is about as damaging as a set of circumstances could be to a single issue special interest group.  However, it's an unsustainable ruse.  Many on the anti-LGBT side are already wondering why they should trust this, the one organization to whom the social conservatives have empowered to handle this fight, and virtually all of us on the pro-equality side are noting the hysterical spin jobs that now define NOM's very existence.  I'd imagine (though can't confirm) that even the deep pocketed major donors that have always sustained the deeply damaged NOM are also wondering why they should finance this particularly ineffective operation. With so many different sides pulling at the NOM curtain, it's only a matter of time before the charade comes into full and inescapable light.

The light blue California is but a simple of a much larger NOM problem.