The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM goes after trans kids

August 13, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

Frank Schubert, NOM's political director, has penned a piece for wherein he denies the existence of transgender people in general, and trans children in particular.  After first comparing gender identity with race, Schubert writes:

The truth, however, is that there is no such thing as “gender identity” any more than there is “ethnic identity.” There is only gender.

This is an example of what happens when politicians and activists push agenda politics, and where political correctness trumps objective reality. No matter what any politician or activist says, there are only two genders: male and female. Nature and chromosomes determine gender, not education bureaucrats, activists or politicians.

FULL PIECE: There is only one gender [Red State]

If you missed the news that Frank Schubert had become a doctor or a scientist, then you are not alone.  But while we all await word on that career development, let's consider what actual medical organizations have to say.  To wit:

Why are some people transgender? There is no single explanation for why some people are transgender. The diversity of transgender expression and experiences argues against any simple or unitary explanation. Many experts believe that biological factors such as genetic influences and prenatal hormone levels, early experiences, and experiences later in adolescence or adulthood. FULL PAMPHLET: American Psychological Association]

MORE: Transgender, Gender Identity, & Gender Expression Non-Discrimination [APA]

"An established body of medical research demonstrates the effectiveness and medical necessity of mental health care, hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery as forms of therapeutic treatment for many people diagnosed with GID" [American Medical Association resolution (unanimously adopted)]

**A roundup of more statements, from the American Psychiatric Association, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Public Health Association, National Association of Social Workers, more: Professional Organization Statements Supporting Transgender People in Health Care [Lambda Legal]

Not to be dismissive, but I prefer to trust actual researchers rather than the man who led multiple campaigns to deny me of my civil rights.  That's just me.

Schubert goes to claim that the "lie" of transgenderism is like the "lie" that same-sex couples can marry.  But of course the truth is that neither are a lie.  a Further truth is that the same organizations that understand the reality of transgender (and intersex, gender variant, etc.) people also understand that marriage equality for same-sex couples is a social good.  NOM's political director just wants to put us all in the "liar" box because, if we are telling the truth, then he knows his cause will look as discriminatory as it really is.   

His disregard for all of it speaks to the overlapping and fundamental problem behind the work of people like Frank Schubert. All too often, these social conservative commentators seem to believe that their own opinions are just as justified as medical research, constitutional merit, or anything that involves a level of scrutiny beyond personal want.  And this is why they are losing.  These attempts to cast out that which they refuse to accept as real might earn some support from within the bubble—however, they can't force the rest of us to live within that bubble.  Their attempts to frame scientific bodies as "activist" might earn some social media likes on their own pages—however, they can't make the rest of us join their carefully-crafted chorus.  This overall drive to tell us what is true rather than have us glean truth from a broader well of knowledge might work with some who seek easy confirmation of their preconceived narratives—however, they can't force the larger public to halt our intellectual rigor simply because deeper examination causes their discriminatory mission to drop in the polls.