The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM gearing up to launch, two other ‘big surprises’

January 09, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper, Guest Contributor

In NOM's latest fundraising blast, the organization that woule like nothing more than to get past its disastrous 2012 is teasing out three "major new initiaitves" that are soon to launch: 

Nom Book Teaser

One of these is, without a doubt, Thomas Peters' long-gestating "Next Generation for Marriage" project.  Just yesterday, NOM staffers updated the record for the URL they are apparently going with,

NOM URL Records
[SOURCE: DomainTools]

So that's a given.  Despite every poll and obvious reality, both of which tell us that the "next generation" is firmly with us on equality, NOM is about to try to flip that script.  In NOM's up-is-down world, the "next generation" belongs to their chosen discrimination.  Good luck with all that. 

But what are the other two intiatives?  Judging by the above graphic, two of them are videos.  But will they be?    

  • More of the reliably laughable "anti-defamation alliance" videos (spearheaded by a man who calls President Obama a terrorist)?  

  • An update of the "gathering storm" campaign that launched the organization on an easily parodiable note?

  • Videos fully embracing the Catholic and GOP ties that we now know to be NOM definitives? 

  • A remake of the movie Bridesmaids, wherein the Kristen Wiig character is replaced with a "values voter" determined to wreck her lesbian friend's pending nuptials with a knee-slapping chain of madcap hijinks?   

So many possibilities!

Whatever the reveal, NOM Exposed will be all. over. it.  Bring it, Team Inequality!