The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM gearing up for General Mills boycott?  Org. purchased

June 19, 2012, by Jeremy Hooper

On the heels of the the food company coming out against the Minnesota marriage amendment, the suddently boycott-itchy NOM has purached the following domain name:


This of course follows the trend NOM started with Starbucks.  With that "dump" effort failing to make a dent, NOM seems to be looking to cereal to save face.

Will they have luck this go around?  Well, that depends.  If the goal is to make NOM seem more like a generalized anti-LGBT group on par with the American Family Association, then yeah, I'd say the mission will certainly be acocmplished.  But if the goal is to show this marriage fight as a civil debate on merit rather than animus?  Well I'd argue that with every new "dump" NOM creates in order to pushish companies for simply standing by their convictions, the more the public will get realize who is really trashing who in this supposedly marriage-centric debate!