The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM Failing to Stop Corporate Support for Marriage Equality

June 19, 2012, by Kevin Nix

This post was submitted by Matt Arnstine, HRC Communications Intern

After Brian Brown’s Starbucks boycott failed, NOM is trying a different tactic to lobby corporations into staying neutral in the fight for marriage equality. This past week, General Mills, the renowned food brand, came out against the proposed constitutional amendment that would enshrine discrimination into the Minnesota state constitution.  Minnesota companies like General Mills, along with CEO John Taft of RBC Wealth Management, are coming out against the proposed amendment.

NOM’s Corporate Fairness Project seeks to undo the steadfast support by corporate America for fairness and equality in the workplace. The problem with NOM's new corporate strategy of having companies remain neutral in the marriage discussion is this: that train left the station a long time ago. NOM's very late to this game.  In statewide battles, we’ve seen Boeing, Expedia and Amazon stand alongside same-sex couples in the fight to secure civil marriage.

Last year, companies such as Zipcar, Time Warner and Xerox signed an amicus brief opposing the Defense of Marriage Act. Marquee consumer brands, such as Starbucks, Nike and Google all recognize that dignity and fairness for their LGBT employees isn’t just the right thing to do, but is critical to maintaining a corporate culture that values each and every employee.