The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM Exposed Re-Launches

January 09, 2012, by Kevin Nix

Welcome to the new site. We’re streamlined things a bit and – finally – scrapped the overbearing black background.  Much of the investigative work we have done on the National Organization for Marriage the past year has been carried over but is leaner and more to the point.  The site’s sense and sensibility remains the same even though we've been brought into the HRC mothership. We will continue throwing some sharp but respectful elbows, based always on documented evidence.

The mission of NOM Exposed is unchanged:  to make legislators at the national and state levels and the media aware of what this group is really all about, who funds it, and how it’s moved even more outside of what mainstream and, increasingly, right-of-center, Americans think about LGBT people. NOM, you will recall, is not only against marriage equality, it is opposed to civil unions.

Many of you asked for a concise set of talking points on NOM - which are now here. What would you add?

Brian Brown probably hates it when we say NOM is not a grassroots organization.  Thing is we don’t say that. NOM’s own tax returns do.  And there is a good reason why NOM, the quintessential DC-based political organization, does not have a federal PAC to give candidates money. They don’t have the requisite members.

To the Rogue’s Gallery we’ve added NOM’s new chairman and Tea Partier John Eastman (who by the way gave money to support now defunct candidacy of Rep. Michele Bachmann.) Also included are the group’s corporate project director, Jonathan Baker and blogger Thomas Peters.  I would also highlight Neil Corkery gave $2,000 to Rick Santorum in the third quarter of last year. 

This will be a jam-packed year given the presidential race, ballot initiatives, and the marriage bills moving through state legislatures. We hope the Nix-Hooper team will bring you everything you need to know--from oppo research to following the money trail to the politics around marriage equality.

Drop us a line on the new site in comments--your complaints, suggestions, intel. Join us. It’s gonna be fun.