The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM equates CO civil unions fight with literal Christians executions

January 31, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

"The Great Persecution” (or Diocletianic Persecution) refers to a time, which scholars mark from A.D. 303 to A.D. 311, when Roman emperors set out to eradicate Christianity.  During this time, emperors issued several edicts from on high demanding the destruction of churches, mass exodus from the Christian faith, imprisonment of faith leaders, and even execution of those who would not comply.  Some estimate that thousands upon thousands of Christians were ultimately killed.  

So who is being "thrown to the lions" now, you ask?  Why NOM, of course.  Check out how the organization headlines its new action alert on the civil unions bill that is working its way through the Colorado legislature:


NOM's subsequently stated fear is that religious organizations like faith-based adoption agencies might not be free to both receive public tax money and discriminate against certain kinds of taxpayers. That is what they are comparing to what was an undeniable war on Christianity.  NOM is seriously suggesting that the supposed fallout from civil unions —not even marriage, but CIVIL UNIONS—is on par with what Christians consider to be the worst period of persecution in the church's history.

And they put "The Great Persecution" in quotes, too, so it's not like they were just talking about some random persecution that was great.  They are using the proper form.  There is no debate on the meaning.

It takes a lot for NOM to shock me.  But with this one?  Mission = accomplished.