The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM conference speaker accuses gay dads of using kids to ‘accessorize’ marriage

June 14, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

To help pay for the startling costs associated with starting their family, Will and Dan Neville-Rehbehn came up with a novel idea.  Instead of simply using one of the crowdfunding sites and simply asking for donations, Will and Dan decided to use their culinary skills for good.  They sold their (delicious-looking) treats and applied the proceeds to the agencies, lawyers, and medical technologies needed to help them become fathers.  

To some (most, I would hope) this shows their deep commitment to wanting to start a family.  But to Bill Duncan, one of the featured speakers at the recent ITAF conference, an annual project of NOM's Ruth Institute, this act was just an example of two men wanting to "accessorize" their marriage.  At this NOM-branded conference (at which Comm. Director Thomas Peters also spoke), Duncan told a receptive audience of students the following about Will and Dan's sweet act:

[ITAF conference, Bill Duncan]

This echoes the comments of NOM's own Christopher Plante, who accused gay people of turning their children into "accessories I can put in my purse."  It's also similar to Brian Brown's recent comments, in which the NOM president equated kids who grow up in gay-headed homes with those who grow up in homes touched by divorce or even death.  It seems that in NOM World, it is now perfectly okay to denigrate our children, our parental worth, and our very motivations.  It seems to be encouraged, even.

Fortunately, NOM World is losing residents.  The more they dehumanize us as frivolous beings who start families simply because we're unhappy with this season's shoe offerings and therefore need something else to punch up our wardrobe, the more people who will continue to flee from the temporary home that they've set up on history's wrong side.