The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM co-founder vows to defy man-made law that defies ‘God’s law’

June 24, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

With Supreme Court decisions on marriage imminent, the vow to defy any positive ruling on marriage equality is becoming a theme on the far-right.  Now you can add the National Organization for Marriage's co-founder, Robert George, to the list of conservatives who say they will not ever agree to "man-made law" on marriage (and other issues):

Drew Mariani Show, 6/18/13 [Relevant Radio]

And actually, George isn't speaking just for himself in this clip.  He's referring to all who signed the so-called "Manhattan Declaration," which he co-authored.  He is operating as the spokesman for an entire movement that believes personally-held theology should just trump whatever government decides.

Having monitored this stuff daily for nearly a decade, it takes a lot to chill or shock me. But I'm not gonna lie: this rising call for defiance has kind of managed to do it. It's just so openly hostile to us, our rights, our families, and our very ability to advance our cause through the fair and free channels through which civil rights can and should be advanced!

And that they're saying this stuff with such candor and so little hesitation even though every politically pragmatic bone in their bodies should be telling them to do otherwise?  Well, I have to believe that they mean it.  And I have to believe that those of us who would be most vulnerable in this newly defiant world must stay vigilant about this riotous call could mean for the safety and welfare of ourselves and our families.