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NOM by the numbers: A numerical tour of NOM’s #FAIL

August 18, 2010

by Adam Bink

As the NOM tour came to a close this past weekend, I thought it’d be fun to do an overview of all the highs, lows, and everything in between… with some numbers. I’ve compiled some top-line numbers as an overview, and some on-the-ground numbers from our intrepid team. (Meanwhile, if you want to go down memory lane here are the full archives for your reading pleasure).


Number of states visited: 17 + District of Columbia

Number of locations was on hand: 22

Number of equality supporters, as hand-counted by 3,419 (counts in the extended entry)

Number of NOM supporters, as hand-counted by 1,274 (counts in the extended entry)

Number of views on and combined: 2,926,416

Number of comments on and blog posts combined: 53,803

Number of videos: 171 (we’ll be showcasing some of the extra footage later)

Highest number of views on a video: 32,972 (the video of NOM supporters speaking in tongues in Providence)

Number of photos: 127

And of course, no NOM by the numbers would be complete without some fun dispatches from the road! (courtesy of Anthony, Arisha and Phyllis)

Miles traveled: 6,859. Six thousand, eight hundred and fifty-nine. Wow.

Number of rental cars: Just one.

Number of times staff have been told they cannot film by police: 3 (Annapolis, where Jethro was threatened with arrest; Atlanta, until NOM changed its mind; and St. Louis, where an arbitrary guest list was enforced)

Highest number of tolls the car has gone through in the shortest number of days: 35 in 4 days (while driving through Maine, New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts)

Number of times lead in the wrong direction by “Miss GPS”:  “Too many to count.”-Anthony

Number of brown suits worn by Brian: 1

Number of questions actually directly answered by Brian: 0

Number of interviews of Brian Brown by Arisha in which he throws his head back and cackles: Every single one.

Most common song played on the car radio: Hands down, it would be Adelle (this is largely the choice of Arisha and Phyllis)

Number of tornado warnings issued on the tour: 3

Number of times luggage was forgot in another city: 1 (cough, Phyllis, cough, 2 hours after leaving Atlanta)

Number of times Phyllis’ phone battery died because of Miss GPS: Once a day

Number of times NOM Tour Trackers spotted NOM bus driver texting or talking on cell phone: Every time we had seen them

Number of hotel keys collected: 14

Number of times NOM Tour Trackers had to buy new clothes because there were no washing machines: 4

Number of bug bites: Countless

Number of times Arisha has made us laugh: Countless

In the extended entry, check out our tour hand-count of attendance at each location, both for equality supporters and NOM supporters…

Hand-counts of supporters at each stop (scroll through the archives if you want to check our math):

Augusta, ME (7/14): 102 equality supporters, 76 NOM supporters

Manchester, NH (7/15): 41 equality supporters, 76 NOM supporters

Albany, NY (7/17): 70 equality supporters, 57 NOM supporters

Providence, RI (7/18): 175 equality supporters, 150 NOM supporters

Trenton, NJ (7/20): 158 equality supporters,  48 NOM supporters

Annapolis, MD (7/21): *6 equality supporters, 27 NOM supporters

Columbus, OH (7/23): 120 equality supporters, 30 NOM supporters

Lima, OH (7/24): 19 equality supporters, 22 NOM supporters

Indianapolis, IN (7/26): 183 equality supporters, 39 NOM supporters

Madison, WI (7/27): 466 equality supporters, 54 NOM supporters

St. Paul, MN (7/28): 217 equality supporters, 163 NOM supporters

St. Cloud, MN (7/29): 89 equality supporters, 73 NOM supporters

Rochester, MN (7/30): 7 equality supporters, 18 NOM supporters

Des Moines, IA (8/1): 298 equality supporters, 86 NOM supporters

Sioux City, IA (8/3): 64 equality supporters, 54 NOM supporters

St. Louis, MO (8/5): 214 equality supporters, 35 NOM supporters

Atlanta, GA (8/7): 254 equality supporters, 16 NOM supporters

Orlando, FL (8/8): 134 equality supporters, 34 NOM supporters

Raleigh, NC (8/10): 255 equality supporters, 61 NOM supporters

Charleston, WV (8/11): 146 equality supporters, 18 NOM supporters

Harrisburg, PA (8/13): *53 equality supporters, 75 NOM supporters

Washington, DC (8/15): 348 equality supporters, 62 NOM supporters

*Equality supporters chose to organize  a separate event at a different time in response