The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM Blog writer Thomas Peters pushes ‘excellent’ call for gay celibacy

October 20, 2011, by Jeremy Hooper

NOM continues its trend of courting the “ex-gay”/“change” movement. The latest example comes courtesy of strategist and NOM Blog writer Thomas Peters, who is pushing an “excellent interview” with the head of the Catholic “change” organization Courage — an interview where said head repeatedly refers to homosexuality as “disordered” and “gravely immoral,” with celibacy presented as the only acceptable option for people with “same-sex attractions”:

Screen Shot 2011-10-19 At 4.48.18 Pm

*Source: [Thomas Peters' Twitter]

*The interview Thomas is pushing: [National Catholic Register]


Insightful. And timely, since it was in NOM’s most recent weekly e-blast that president Brian Brown said of his young charge: “Those of you who do not yet know Thomas Peters, let me make a prediction: You are going to hear a lot more about him in the coming weeks and months—and about other great young men and women who are increasingly recognizing that yes, it takes courage to defend marriage as the union of husband and wife and yes, that is precisely what they are called to do.”

A prediction to which I reply: “BRING IT, B.B.!” Because if Thomas is going to shape NOM’s supposedly marriage-only-focused future around the idea that gays themselves are “disordered,” “immoral,” and fit only to live “chaste” lives, then we pro-equality NOM Watchers have already won!