The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM announces site we already announced; notes GOP ticket’s embrace of civil unfairness

October 12, 2012, by Jeremy Hooper

NOM has officially "announced" the website that we actually announced here on NOM Exposed a full four days ago.  But hey, whatever—stolen thunder still deserves a chance to make some noise, I guess.

Really, the site can be summed up with this, NOM's side by side comparison of two promoinent public voices' differing views on the subject that NOM is determined to make the most crucial point in this election:

(*note: on the NOM site, these images appear side by side; just couldn't fit them that way here)

So Paul Ryan thinks that denying civil marriage equality to certain kinds of citizens in an "American value"?  He thinks that the way to increase "universal human values" is to ignore the full human universe?  And NOM thinks this is a good quote to exalt?  Such odd values.

And on that same token—does NOM seriously think this Michele Obama quote about everyone having a chance at the American dream is somehow damning?  FLOTUS is uber popular.  The President has, undeniably, had to fight for his American dream.  This quote is from a speech that the bipartisan commentariat resoundingly praised as a success.  And somehow this is supposed to hurt the Democrats in general and the President in particular?!  Seriously—who is running the show over there?!

The full site—which also shows video of candidate Romney speaking at one of America's most anti-LGBT insitutions, Liberty University—looks like this:


Check it out at if you care to explore a waning organization's dwindling ability to exploit this form of discrimination for access, financial gain, and votes.