The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

NOM affiliate says political support for equality = End Times, AntiChrist

May 02, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

The Coalition of African American Pastors is a major NOM ally.  The head of the organization, William Owens, is NOM's named religious liasion.  The organization recently granted Brian Brown with an honorary "degree." CAAP was a sponsor of NOM's recent March for Marriage, where William Owens spoke.  NOM has financially supported a side organization run by CAAP's Deborah Owens (William Owens' wife).  Etcetera, etcetera.   

Heck, NOM is even the registrant on CAAP's website domain name:

[CAAPUS.ORG, DomainTools]

(thanks to Mike Rogers for the pic)

So let's all get on the same page: CAAP is essentially a NOM front group, heavily recruited in the wake of the "drive a wedge between gays and blacks" scandal of 2012.  On that, there is no debate.

This being the case, I think it's instructive for us to know what this particular organization thinks about the Democrats and Republicans who support marriage equality.  Namely, the NOM affiliate believes that these supportive lawmakers are hastening the coming of the End Times/Antichrist.  I'm not kidding or overstating. In an email blast attributed to both William and Deborah Owens, CAAP warns about our growing support:

The sad reality is that the Republican Party is showing indication that they too are moving [albeit at a slower pace] in the same direction as the Democratic Party.

This change in both political parties is a direct fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy.  In II Thess. 2: 9-12, Paul warns that one of the signs of the End Times is evidenced by the ‘falling away’ from Biblical values by so-called Christians.  When this apostate reality occurs, it will be followed by the ‘coming of the lawless one’, the Antichrist of scriptures. [CAAP Newsletter, 4/19/13]

Wait, so folks like Sen. Rob Portman are not only supporting their gay kids but the antiChrist as well?  And our Democratic U.S. Senators who have taken such a strong stand for equality should be more worried about Armageddon than the midterm elections?  Those seem like pretty dramatic things to tell your support base.  Pretty telling ones, too.

But let's be clear about something: They, a NOM front group, presumably push this stuff out on this, a web property registered to NOM, because they believe it and want others to believe it as well.  So I say we believe them!  They fight against us in legislatures and courts because they want to keep the antiChrist from making his way to America.  They try to stop our equality because they don't want the world to end.  Got it, loud and clear, CAAP (aka NOM).