The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

No religious protection is good enough for Brian Brown

May 08, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

During a radio appearance yesterday afternoon, Brian Brown came out and admitted what people like me have long known: that no religious exemption will ever be enough to satisfy NOM.  Brian said:

"The reality is, if you pass marriage, you're undermining religious liberty...there isn't really a way to sort of carve out the rights of those of us who believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman because the law undermines that belief"

Janet Mefferd, 5/7/13 []

So the lid is off that one.  Whenever NOM pushes for added religious protections in marriage bills, they are simply trying to stall, trip up, and ultimately derail the underlying bill.  Period.  This organization, at least under its current leadership, is not willing to compromise, nor is NOM grateful to those of us who are more than willing to grant them all of their deserved rights, freedoms, and protections.  Brian admits it right here: The NOM view sees civil marriage equality as an irreconcilable "undermining" of faith.

Now, of course future marriage bills will surely include religious-specific language because many people of good faith do want to appeases the minds and stated concerns of those who have suggested our marriages pose some sort of threat.  But the fact that the leading organization rallying support on the other side is telling people that these protections are always bogus?  That says something about the NOM view and its growing desperation.