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More from #NOMturnoutFAIL in Atlanta

August 08, 2010

(Today’s title is for Straight Grandmother, who yesterday in the comments said she’d like to see the return of the hashtag when it’s appropriate. Yesterday sure qualifies if there ever was an instance!)

By Adam Bink

Some more coverage from Atlanta:

  • Tanya and Louis, two peas in a pod on what same-sex marriages are called:

    Tanya Ditty, director of Georgia’s “Concerned Women for America,” told the crowd traditional marriage is God’s will.

    “Marriage is not an issue on which we can be tolerant,” she said. “For the well-being of children, and our society, we must not allow the creation of government-imposed counterfeit marriage by any name.”

    This echoes Louis’ argument of “you can have a marriage certificate, but it ain’t a marriage unless I say it is”.

  • Speaking of Louis, who is throwing fits about our crowd counts, here are a few independent crowd counts:
  • CBS Atlanta:

    Once the protest in Woodruff Park finished, protestors marched on the Capitol. They stood across the street from those protesting gay marriage, who only numbered about 20 compared to hundreds on the other side.

    WABE Atlanta:

    As part of NOM’s program, gospel singer Vernessa Mitchell sang a song, “Unity,” which easily got the most vocal response of the day. But not from NOM supporters. The cheers came from a counter-rally just across the street organized by Atlanta’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. They outnumbered NOM supporters 10-to-1. Andrew Wood, 48 of Atlanta, said he was pleased with the amount of participation from his community.


    At a Saturday NOM rally in Atlanta, Brown told about a dozen supporters that the ruling threatened their cause.

    The GA Voice:

    The National Organization for Marriage brought its national road tour to Atlanta on Saturday, but once again, supporters of the group that fights against gay marriage were vastly outnumbered by a counter-protest for LGBT equality.

    The lopsided numbers were typical for NOM’s “Summer of Marriage” tour, which has drawn low attendance on other stops as well. In Atlanta, only about 35 people — including their speakers, performers, volunteers and the media — converged in front of the state capitol.

  • If you missed yesterday’s powerful interview between Arisha and Alveda King, here it is again. Actually, even if you didn’t miss it, it’s worth watching a second time, everyone.


I don’t know who’s running the guest list policy for NOM’s rope lines at their rallies, but they had their signals crossed or something yesterday. Check this out (Courage’s Anthony Ash is speaking to the officer from behind the camera):

Odd how NOM seems to have told the police they don’t want potentially anti-NOM media there, then Brian says he doesn’t mind.

Speaking of which, check out the last few minutes of Part 2 of this interview with Brian Brown from St. Louis, where the NTT team was denied entry because they weren’t on NOM’s guest list (You can watch Part 1 of this interview here:

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that (a) Brown has repeatedly said throughout the tour that he’s willing to talk and have everything be on camera, but NOM denies (or attempts to deny) entry to on now several occasions (b) On another occasion, cites that some parents don’t want their children on camera as a reason for denying entry- yet of course, welcomes many other media outlets like FOX News.

  • Here’s’s own Phyllis Lozano (with whom we’ll have another edition of Meet the Trackers tomorrow!) speaking to a counter-rally in Atlanta:
  • I’ll close this out with Patti Ellis making a great speech, in particular, explaining the one thing she and Sarah Palin agree on: