The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

MD Marriage Alliance claims to be non-partisan; NOM prez’ partisan side project tells different tale

May 14, 2012, by Jeremy Hooper

In a recent Maryland Marriage Alliance press release, campaign head Derek McCoy claimed that the fight to ban marriage underway in that state is "not at all a partisan issue":

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So I have to wonder: Why, then, is the Maryland Marriage Alliance using Brian Brown's outwardly partisan ActRight site to manage the funds? Because that site, created and maintained by NOM's president, says all of this stuff about its purpose for existence:

"ActRight revolutionizes online conservative political action."
"We want to make it simple for you to make this country a place that Ronald Reagan would be proud of."
"Yes, yes, we know this country is a Republic and not a pure Democracy, but we've had far too much rule by liberal elites and establishment RINOs for our taste. ActRight is a community of dedicated conservatives; as such we all deserve a voice. We've figured out some pretty amazing ways for you to decide the future of the conservative movement by your actions on ActRight."
"Brian Brown (that's me) is Chairman and Founder of In growing two conservative organizations, it became clear to me that the left was doing a much better job in taking advantage of online giving and actions than we were. ActBlue alone has raised over $150,000,000 for far left candidates. That's a lot of moolah. Then you've got and a panoply of other Soros-funded groups organizing online."
"You decide the future of the conservative movement."
"If you don't have time for some light reading of Burke's Reflections, Hayek's The Road to Serfdom, and Russell Kirk's The Conservative Mind, the best recent statement of what it means to be a conservative is the Mt. Vernon Statement. Read it. Here are our first principles in clear and concise form. If you read it with fists clenched and your jugular vein bulging, is probably not for you . . . or you might be a troll from DailyKos."
"All federal Republican candidates appear on ActRight. But from there you actually decide! Anyone who has become a member of ActRight by donating at least $5.00 to any federal candidate can vote RINO's off of the site by hitting the RINO button. Once fifty percent of the members have voted a candidate a RINO he or she is removed. I told you that this was about Democracy!"
"No liberal causes allowed!
"About Us" [ActRight]

And yet despite that outwardly partisan tone with a stated worldview designed to oust Democrats from office, this is the campaign tool that the MD Marriage Alliance is using to manage its donors:


So it may be non-partisan in Mr. McCoy's view. But in truth, as it exists, right now? Anyone donating to the Maryland Marriage Alliance via its website, is working to embolden, legitimize, and sustain an organization that has an outward mission of defeating President Obama and all elected Democrats.

The Maryland Marriage Alliance should really tell its supporters that truth, rather than talking one way in its press releases and showing another truth in its source code.