The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

#March4Marriage spons. Willie Owens attacks ‘abnormal lifestyles;’ calls equality advocates ‘idiots’

June 20, 2014, by Jeremy Hooper, Guest Contributor

The interview starts with a laugh.  Rev. Willie Owens, the National Organization For Marriage's named religious liaision, a March For Marriage sponsor, and one of the event's highlighted speakers, predicted that 20,000 people would show up for NOM's little pro-discrimination parade.  Turns out he was only off by about 18,500.  Ha! 

But then, after that ridiculous prediction, the thing just turns nasty, as it so often does with NOM's key ally.  Around the 3:50 mark, Owens attacks LGBT people as supporting an "abnormal life" and accuses President Obama of "setting this country on an immoral course."  He moves on to attacking same-sex adoption as "absolutely disgraceful," coupled with the strange idea that gay parents always feature a dynamic where one person "pretends" to be the opposite gender.  He then denies (around 6:00) that anti-gay discrimination even exists at all, saying it's a "farce" and "all made up."  After that, he says that the LGBT rights movement's civil rights' claims "turn his stomach."  And then the whole thing winds up with Owens, NOM's key figure, vows to "turn around what these idiots have put in motion."

NOM animus at work, folks: