The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

‘Make the Powder Keg Go Boom’: NOM president gets more Republican, more divisive

August 20, 2012, by Jeremy Hooper

On Friday afternoon, many LGBT activists who monitor the National Organization For Marriage and its various side projects were astouned to recieve this email from NOM president Brian Brown.  I say astounded because, two years ago, NOM would have never allowed itself to align so fully with one party:


Even so-called RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) are too left-leaning for Brian and his ActRight baby?  And the overarching goal is to make some sort of "powder keg" go boom for the sake of conservativ politics?  Do those seem like smart things for the guy leading four state's anti-marriage-equality campaigns' to put out to the public?  Doesn't he need some proud Democrats/Obama voters?  In fact, aren't we always hearing NOM denying party affiliation?

Oh, and I would also remind you that all four state anti-marriage-equality campaigns are using this same ActRight system to raise funds of their respective websites—three of them doing so without making it known.  So this means that everyone who donates to Protect Marriage Maine, Preserve Marriage Washington, the Maryland Marriage Alliance, or Minnesota For Marriage is helping to build up the viability of Brian Brown's GOP-centric ActRight properties, whether they know they are doing so or not.  After the elections, its fairly certain that Brian will use the haul they take in this cycle to say "Oh look how powerful Act Right is."  But in truth, the majority of people who contributed via any of these campaign websites will never know they actually gave through ActRight's system, since the ActRight system is mostly non-disclosed (I had to go through the HTML code of the sites to find it).  That's kind of a shady setup, no?

But the overarching bottom line: NOM, the organization to whom all of the other groups have entrusted this fight against marraige equality, is no longer hiding its drift towards nakedly GOP special interest group.  NOM and Brian are of course allowed to operate in this way.  However, voters really should know that it's now nearly impossible to back these campaigns against LGBT rights without also contributing to the Republican party and its candidates.