The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

Key NOM employee: Lesbians who buy sperm ‘should be in jail’; child becomes ‘chattel’

January 09, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

In late 2012, on this very site, I declared six-figure-compensated NOM employee Jennifer Roback Morse to be the organization's biggest liability, due to that key NOM player's increasing penchant for saying whatever she wants, whenever she wants—political pragmatism be damned.  Today, Carlos Maza—someone who has actually had firsthand, on-site, up close experience with Ms. Roback Morse and her teachings—brings us her latest shocking comments:

"You know, buying sperm on Craigslist should be abolished. Buying sperm at all should be abolished. And furthermore, these people should be in jail, I’m afraid. I mean, you know, honestly, I just can’t even imagine where people think this is going to lead. You know, because the child is no longer a gift from God and a fruit of human love participating in God’s love. The child is now a product, manufactured by adults, and therefore the child cannot be fully the equal of its parent."

And of course these musings don't only pertain to lesbians—Roback Morse is quite literally suggesting jail time for any person or couple who uses this kind of reproductive assistance. Lest any of you heterosexuals on the fence about LGBT equality had any lingering questions about whether or not the agenda will stop at just same-sex marriage.