The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

Is E.W. Jackson still speaking at March For Marriage?

June 16, 2014, by Jeremy Hooper, Guest Contributor

When NOM first started promoting its March For Marriage (to be held this Thursday, June 19), E.W. Jackson, former candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia, was listed as one of the star speakers:

(3rd row, second-to-last)

March for Marriage speakers

But quietly, NOM removed him from the list.  You won't find Jackson's name mentioned in any current materials, nor are any NOM personalities mentioning him in the interviews they do to promote the march.

Could it be because Mr. Jackson has gone on record to say that there is "a direct connection" between homosexuality and pedophilia?

*Source: Faith 2 Action 4/6/10

Or could it be because of the many other times that Mr. Jackson has openly revealed that his animus extends far beyond his opposition to marriage equality? I mean, it's pretty easy to prove that this guy is exceedingly fringe and far from just a "marriage protector."  Considering the less-than-helpful attention NOM is facing for its march and its speakers, it makes sense that they'd want to lessen scrutiny wherever they can.

But here's the thing: Jackson's record has been known for quite some time.  Yet that didn't stop NOM from praising him when he was running for Lt. Governor, and apparently it didn't stop them from initially selecting him as one of the key voices for this, NOM's marquee event.  So really, does it even matter why or when NOM and Jackson parted in their march planning?  To me, the fact that a man with such a fringe anti-gay record was even considered for this, a march that pretends to be focused and pragmatic, is the bigger statement.  And that he was so under consideration that he made his way onto flyers (that still run on NOM's march organizing site)?  That speaks volumes.