The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

In NJ Senate race, NOM turns to prominent Prop 8 & LDS organizer

October 14, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper, Guest Contributor

Bart Marcois is a prominent Mormon organizer who used to handle the Republican National Committee's LDS outreach.  More to our interests, he also directed the statewide grassroots and voter turnout operations for the Proposition 8 campaign, a gig that brought a nice six figures to his organization, Eagle Foundation.

And of course the National Organization For Marriage pretty much cut its teeth on the Prop 8 campaign, so I guess it's no surprise to see NOM working with an old friend in the current race to elect an anti-equality candidate to the US Senate.  That's exactly what's happening in the Garden State, where NOM is working with this same Bart Marcois and his political consulting firm in order to get out the vote for Steve Lonegan in his Senate race against staunch equality ally Cory Booker.  Here's the first FEC filing:

FEC Filing


Makes me wonder what these robocalls say.  Maybe something like, "We are the same folks who waste a lot of time and money on a ballot effort that the courts rightly overturned as unconstitutional.  Might you help us bring that same view to the nation's capital so that we can waste even more resources on this same issue?"  

At least that's what an honest call would sound like.  Something tells me they'll take another approach—which is precisely why we must connect dots that they'd surely prefer to remain detached.


*If you live in New Jersey and get one of these calls over the next few days, please be in touch.