The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

How to become a NOM ‘March For Marriage’ sponsor in ten easy steps

March 06, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper, Guest Contributor

--Step one: Refer to homosexuality as a "shameful vice":

In our dark days, homosexuality, a shameful vice ever abhorred by the Christian conscience, finds prominent apologists within the very bosom of Holy Mother Church. [SOURCE]

--Step two: Claim that affirming people of faith are "proponents of perversion" if/when they question whether "sodomy" is really "a measure of evil by which other sins are judged":

Sacred Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium have condemned few sins more consistently or severely than sodomy. The sins of Sodom and Gomorrha established a measure of evil by which other sins are judged, as recorded throughout the Holy Bible.

Turning a deaf ear to these condemnations, proponents of perversion seek to sow confusion within the Church. To this end, they invoke deceptive interpretations - revisionist distortions - of Sacred Scripture. According to their self-serving rewriting of biblical history, Sodom and Gomorrha were destroyed not because their inhabitants practiced unnatural vice, but because they were inhospitable to travelers.

--Step three: Claim that gays can "change" and that those who say otherwise are embracing a "parody of science":

The promoters of the homosexual agenda within the Church profess a pseudo-science in which homosexuality is neither pathological nor reversible, but a genetic and biological trait. According to this parody of science, sexual intimacy with the same sex is simply a normal variation, like left-handedness.

This deceptive fiction has been demolished by a number of systematic studies. It is also contradicted by the fact that a growing number of homosexuals have been treated and freed from the chains of their morally and psychologically disordered compulsions.

--Step four: Claim that homosexuality "descends into the lowest depths of the moral abyss" and then liken that sexual orientation with wholly unrelated paraphilias like bestiality and pedophilia:

"Celebrate Diversity" proclaims a bumper sticker popular among the sodomites and their apologists. The practice of homosexual vice inevitably descends into the lowest depths of the moral abyss. From pedophilia to sadomasochism, any and all abominations - even bestiality - find justification in the perverse school of sexual deviance. In the upside-down world of the homosexual pastoral, could a homosexual "find God" through the "interspecies love" of bestiality? Such questions are only prudent in view of the fact that we are witnessing the gradual acceptance of homosexuality as a legitimate way of life, not only in secular society but within the Church. This process of auto-demolition - of Church and State - constitutes an authentic and cataclysmic revolution to which we are unalterably opposed. [SOURCE]

--Step five: Create petitions that aim to stop Gay-Straight Alliances, claiming such clubs "promote homosexual sin" (for people who, they say, are “intrinsically disordered” and “contrary to natural law”):

Urgent Petition to Disband Pro-Homosexual Clubs on Catholic Campuses

--Step six: Say that gays are "immoral" and that the state must punish such acts:

An act is immoral if it violates natural or divine law. That an immoral act is committed in private does not diminish the fact that it still offends God, for no sin, private or otherwise, escapes His omniscience. Not even our most intimate thoughts are unknown to Him.

In civil society, it behooves the State to punish immoral acts—including those practiced privately—that harm the common good and disturb the social order.

Homosexuality, incest, and other sexual abnormalities undermine the family, which is the basis of society.

To sustain that it is not a legitimate state interest to punish homosexual acts that are practiced privately is tantamount to affirming that it is not in the State’s interest to protect the family and, therefore, the common good. [

--Step seven: Oppose inclusive Boy Scouts because "acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle would not only undermine the moral atmosphere of the Scouts, but also increase the risk of sexual abuse":

STAND with the Boy Scouts & oppose pro-homosexual pressure tactics

--Step eight: Create a document that claims homosexuality is "changeable behavior" and that marriage equality "offends God":

10 Reasons Why Homosexual “Marriage” is Harmful and Must be Opposed

--Step nine: Say this:

The homosexual movement is built upon error. But just as darkness is forced to give way when confronted by light, so too does it collapse when confronted with reason and logic guided by the traditional teachings of the Holy Catholic Church. The light only fails when it covers itself up for fear of “offending” or “provoking” the darkness. Unless evil is vigorously denounced and opposed, it will gain the upper hand. [SOURCE]

--Step ten: Admit that your true agenda seeks the rejection of homosexuality in full:

We may or may not be able to reverse [Lawrence vs. Texas] in the short run, but we must work untiringly to create the moral climate whereby homosexuality is rejected. We must not be intimidated. We must voice our rejection loudly and firmly, legally and peacefully, in defense of Christian morals. Only such public voicing of our rejection of the homosexual agenda can ascend to Heaven as a worthy act of reparation to our offended God. [SOURCE]


Do all that, and you too might become a sponsor of NOM's upcoming "March For Marriage. After all, that pattern did work for TFP (Tradition Family Property), an organization that has joined such conservative stalwarts as Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council on the list of co-sponsors for NOM's upcoming rally outside the Supreme Court:

NOM; National Organization for Marriage; March for Marriage sponsors
[NOM March sponsors]

Oh, but wait—I almost forgot one crucial step:

--Step eleven: Don't admit any of these beliefs on the day of the event, when mainstream media cameras are sure to be paying close attention.

That one is very key to the NOM agenda.