The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

How NOM Factors Into the Discredited “Study” on LGBT Families

June 12, 2012, by Kevin Nix

This post was submitted by Matt Arnstine, HRC Communications Intern

This past Sunday, Social Science Research published a paper by right-wing author Mark Regnerus questioning the health of LGBT families.  It’s a classic apples to oranges comparison designed to produce an outcome sympathetic to a right-wing ideology. This is a political agenda driving a pseudo-scientific effort.

You just know NOM has had its hands in all of this. The major funder of the study – the Witherspoon Institute – is well known for its right-wing ideology. And guess who works at Witherspoon? Robert George, NOM’s co-founder.  And guess which news outlet was among the first to publish an article on the study? The Deseret News, where George sits on the Editorial Board.

Sure, NOM has been publicizing this study a number of times on its blog and in the National Review.  It may even make it into Brian’s weekly rants (which, by the way, seem more and more shrill).  We shall see but look for NOM to continue to hold this study up as some sort of groundbreaking work that somehow erases the 30 years of independent research done by child welfare organizations – like the Child Welfare League of America – that say gay parents are good parents.