The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

Have reality, NOM will misname it

January 17, 2012, by Jeremy Hooper

Thus far, NOM has run anti-Ron-Paul ads in two states, Iowa and New Hamsphire.  In Iowa, Paul finished a respectable third.  In New Hampshire, Paul actually overperformed with a very strong second place finish.  In the first of his many presidential runs, this is the year that people are actually looking at this man as a real candidate rather than a novelty.

The above are what we like to call facts.  Now counter those with Brian Brown's latest e-blast, in which the NOM President takes it upon himself to declare: "[Ron Paul's] campaign falters whenever NOM spreads the truth about him!"

Really?  "Falter"?  REALLY?!?!

We all know that overstatements are the relaibly unhealthy butter that lubes up NOM's bread.  But to seriously look at an anti-establishment candidate who has outperformed so many "true conservatives" (and NOM Pledge signers) in two different states now, who's even earned a considerable amount of evangelical (i.e. gay marriage opponents) support, and who still has healthy polling going into South Carolina, and to just go ahead and claim that your powerful organization has caused said candidate to falter at the task before him?  That's not even hubris or hypocrisy -- it's a flat-out lie!

One really has to wonder about a supposed "values" organization that so consistently looks at life's tangibles and then just ups and twists them in order to fit their own egos.  If they'll look at a man who actually supports their cherished DOMA and who personally opposes same-sex marriage and still go to such fabricated lengths to take him down, why should anyone trust anything they say about their actual opposition?