The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

Does NOM think Ricky Martin is hell’s ambassador?  Because its March for Marriage speaker does.

March 22, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper, Guest Contributor

Pastor Wanda Rolón is best known for one thing: taking to her Facebook page and proclaiming out gay man Ricky Martin to be hell's ambassador:

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 At 10.56.33 Am

"This weekend Puerto Rico receives a man saved and brought from hell to the light, Nicky Cruz, while another one pretends to drag us all to hell. RM [Ricky Martin] has been proclaimed its ambassador (hell's, that is). Puerto Rico wake up, everyone praise the lord. This is the island of the Lamb. Alert God."

Ricky Martin's Concert Boycotted by the Church [HuffPo]

In fact, denouncing Ricky Martin is kind of her thing. Rolón even held a press conference in which she accused the singer of recruiting and confusing kids. Not because Martin has even done anything particularly activist, mind you. All it took for the pop start to earn Ms. Rolón's anger was coming out at a gay man, husband, and father.

So where will this very same Wanda Rolón be next Tuesday, you ask? Yep, you guess it: she will be marching with the National Organization For Marriage outside of the Supreme Court building:

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It remains to be seen if Ms. Rolón will again condemn Martin right there, with the media watching on a day when all on site should be concerned about showing their animus.  However, she did condemn this "bon bon shaker" at NOM's march in the Bronx, NY back in May of 2011, so the chances are good that she'll do so again.

Then again, Martin spent all of last year starring in a Broadway show.  Perhaps that very gay-friendly gig upped the singer to Hell's Gatekeeper, Chief Operating Officer, or some other higher ranking title.  We will not know until Ms. Rolón tells us.


*REMEMBER: We will have our own pro-equality rally on March 26.  And we happen to think Ricky Martin is quite heavenly.

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