The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

Crafting a ‘Marriage Anti-Defamation’ video: How, why, and who?

November 10, 2011, by Jeremy Hooper

Last week I showed you how one of the stars of NOM’s latest “Marriage Anti-Defamation” video has a history of working with Focus on the Family to oppose the “normalization of homosexuality” in public schools. Now, via this same person’s publicly accessible Facebook page, comes more information about how this same star came to work with NOM. Information that (a) further strengthens the NOM/Focus bond, (b) gives insight into NOM’s deeper legislative reasons for crafting these ADA videos, and ( c) attaches a certain videographer’s name to the productions:


The Focus on the Family connection: Interesting because it further confirms NOM’s deep entrenchment within the larger “pro-family” movement. And of course with FOtF, you get an organization that pushes “ex-gay” therapy, that opposes LGBT people in ways that go far beyond NOM’s stated interest of marriage, and whose senior officials even go so far as to call homosexuality “a particularly evil lie of Satan.”  It’s all interconnected.

The “use the footage in private meetings with congressmen” mention: Very useful for us to know. The next time we hear a legislator mention “parents like Tammy Shulz,” we will know it came from NOM — and we will know exactly what misinformation we need to combat!

The Rick Stout connection: Very interesting to know that he’s the (Mormon) filmmaker behind this and likely other NOM vids. Stout is best known for co-producing and editing the extremely far-right fear documentary Demographic Winter, which scares people into believing that things like same-sex marriage threaten to depopulate the world.

All things to keep in our minds as we fight to stay one step ahead of the organization so bent on keeping our equality a few steps behinds.