The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

Claim: Boy Scouts’ current president is a NOM donor

September 13, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

None of the Proposition 8 donor rolls show Wayne Perry, the current national president of the Boy Scouts of America who supported the recent change allowing for gay scouts, as having given money to that discriminatory effort.  As someone who has watched the National Organization For Marriage about as closely as a human can watch an organization, I've also never seen any evidence of Mr. Perry supporting NOM with either his time or cash.  However, he's actually done both of these things, according to John Stemberger, the man who is heading up the new anti-gay Boy Scouts alternative.

On the same conservative radio show where he equated homosexuality with abuse, Mr. Stembrger made the following claims about Mr. Perry:

Mr. Stemberger seems to think his last point, about Perry being replaced by a much more pro-gay voice, is the explosive detail.  Not to me.  I want to know if the current president of the Boy Scouts of America really financed the National Organization For Marriage and ballot efforts that took away our rights.  That would be a completely new wrinkle in the BSA's imperfect path to fairness.

I've written pertinent BSA staffers for followup.  I'll keep you posted.


*UPDATE: I should add that Stemberger has worked closely with NOM.  As head of the effort to ban marriage in Florida, Stemberger was part of the whole "protect marriage" cycle of 2008—the same one that he is claiming Perry helped fund.

NOM also advocated for Stemberger's efforts to keep the BSA discriminatory.  So my point is that he's not some random Joe; Stemberger's in a place to know this kind of stuff.