The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown was in Russia strategizing with those seeking ‘Solutions to Homosexual Behavior’

October 22, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

In a statement to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, NOM president Brian Brown has confirmed that he has been spending time in Russia planning for next year's World Congress of Families conference:

Now, obviously the fact that Brian is in Russia is very alarming, considering that nation's really intense war on LGBT people, our rights, and our families.  Right Wing Watch has throughly covered the role that Brian Brown has played in creating that country's culture of fear and intimidation, and I encourage you to familiarize yourself with that reporting if you have not already.  When the group fighting us on marriage here at home looks to a country that's in the news because of its much broader and more sweeping fight against everything having to do with LGBT welfare, and that organization sees in that nation a great opportunity to expand its own horizons, we should take that opportunism seriously.

But rather than focus on Russia, I want to also take a second and remind folks of just how extreme this World Congress of Families organization.  And to do so, I only need to show you the title of a session the WCF ran at its 2012 conference:

[SOURCE: World Congress of Families]

In this chillingly titled session, unlicensed "ex-gay" "therapist" Richard Cohen led the crowd to believe that gay people "choose" our "lifestyles," that we need to "change" in order to be okay with both man and God, and that we are some sort of global problem with an agenda for which we must find a "solution."  

Brian Brown was in attendance at this 2012 conference.  In fact, Brian gave a speech there, right alongside radically anti-LGBT American voices like Peter LaBarbera.  It only makes sense that Brian spoke (and continues to align himself with WCF), because 2012 was the year NOM became an official WCF partner.  The two orgs are now bosom buddies.  WCF even sponsored NOM's 2013 "march for marriage."   

Which brings us back to WCF and its ideas.  WCF continues to feature these "Solutions to Homosexual Beahvior" materials on its site.  The sheer fact that they'd think it's a good idea to run a session like this, with this truly startling title and support for "ex-gay" junk science, is enough to give anyone pause.  However, when you factor in the deeply concerning politics of a country like Russia, where public erasure of any and all exposure to LGBT lives seems to be the goal, you can't help but ask what the WCF's "solution" might be.

And by the WCF's "solution," I also mean NOM's.