The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown: “Ex-gay” advocate

September 30, 2011, by Jeremy Hooper

Brian Brown, writing in this week's NOM newsletter, pushes a far-right, religiously motivated, agenda-filled \"study\" which purports to show that gays can \"change.\" Brian writes:


From the press release:

Psychologists Stanton L. Jones (Wheaton College, IL) and Mark A. Yarhouse (Regent University) have just published in the respected, peer-reviewed Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy the final results of their longitudinal study of individuals seeking sexual orientation change through involvement in a variety of Christian ministries affiliated with Exodus International.

Managing sexual desire can be hard for any of us; it's always easier to amend our standards to match our sexual behavior than vice versa, as too many straight guys in politics show us over and over again.

Even those who disagree with us about gay marriage (or Christian sexual ethics) should feel good about this this scientific verification of the possibility of free will triumphing over desire. We are all more than our instincts, sexual or otherwise.



Brian's take is long-winded and carefully worded. But make no mistake: The Jones & Yarhouse study has been designed, \"researched,\" and propagated by the political far-right for the purposes of obfuscating scientific consensus, and Brian Brown is now signing on to that agenda whole hog!  Don't let the measured sentences fool you.  He is speaking in \"ex-gay\" advocate code , putting out dog whistles for the willfully negligent anti-science crowd.

Just look at Brian's wording. \"Same-sex attraction.\" \"Managing sexual desire.\" \"Free will triumphing over desire.\" Would Brian ever use that kind of charged phrasing to refer to heterosexuality? No, of course not! That's because he wants his supporters to see heterosexuality as the only true norm, with \"same-sex attractions\" being some sort of fallen state that religious people can and should \"alter\" by either \"changing their self-reported sexual orientation\" or by \"exercising the difficult virtue of chastity.\" There is no other way of interpreting Brian's words: He, the head of an organization that has declared war on gay people's civil rights, is pushing the idea that \"our God-given desire to find truth\" is a path that culminates in either heterosexuality or celibacy.  Chilling stuff, that.

As I've said before: When they talk this way -- BELIEVE THEM! This isn't just meaningless code delivered for the sake of politics: This is the true agenda at work!


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