The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

BREAKING: New Hampshire GOP Candidate Registers as Lobbyist for NOM

December 01, 2011, by Kevin Nix

John DiStaso of the Union Leader has the scoop.

LOBBYING WHILE RUNNING. Republican candidate for governor Kevin Smith says until he becomes governor, he has to make a living.

And so, less than two weeks after announcing his candidacy for governor, Smith filed this week as a lobbyist for the National Organization for Marriage, according to the Secretary of State's website.

“It's not a departure from what I was doing previously” while heading the Cornerstone Action group, he said, “and I think NOM sees some value in having me on board for its efforts on the marriage restoration issue.”

Smith said he will also be working with clients in the telecommunications industry and the health care technology field, but NOM is the only client for which he is registered as a lobbyist.

Smith said his lobbying role on the key social issue “is not inconsistent at all” with his campaign focus on jobs and the economy.

His campaign is “going very well,” he said. “We are reaching out and signing on a lot of volunteers. I'm encouraged.”