The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

Audio: NOM’s Roback Morse repeats claim that homosexuality is a choice

April 17, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

The National Organization For Marriage employee (six figure compensated, let me remind you) who is most determined to prove that the NOM agenda is an anti-LGBT one continues to do what she does. In a radio appearance in which she made the case for the Boy Scouts shutting out gay people (itself an off-message topic for NOM), Roback Morse once again attempted to detach gay people from our sexual orientations, framing our "behavior" as a "choice" with no genetic basis:

More than anyone else at NOM, Roback Morse has completely dropped the pretense that theirs is a fight limited only to the issue of marriage. Her gays can "change" goals is especially troubling (though politically helpful) because her role is to reach out to young people, who are often the most vulnerable to this kind of misinformation. They might hear "Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse" and, not realizing her PhD is actually in economics, think she is actually speaking from a place of science. Which is of course what she wants: a complete buy-in to the idea that gay people can and should just stop being gay (and only have "chaste friendships," as she's said before) so that she can go about her work of keeping all rights, benefits, and protections geared toward heterosexual people of faith who choose to have children through unassisted intercourse (Roback Morse is aggressively opposed to reproductive technologies).

NOM is the one who keeps her on the ($ix figure) payroll.  We are simply noting the obvious agenda that is now inextricably connected to this, a group supposedly focused only on "protecting marriage" (yeah right).