The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

Another March For Marriage sponsor, another call for gay people’s ‘healing’

March 19, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper

On its "Where Do We Stand?" page, the so-called Citizens For Community Values group makes it clear that its cause is against the gay person.  Not only does the Ohio based CCV pointedly say that employers and others should be able to make decisions (i.e. discriminate) on the basis of a gay person's sexual orientation, but the group comes out and directly calls for gay people's "healing":

"The homosexual activist desires to coerce others not to take into account the inclination of homosexuals to practice same-sex sodomy when they make decisions, even though those others-including employers, landlords, and parents-have a right to take this preference into account."

"It should be noted here also that homosexuality is not genetic. This false claim has been repeated so often and so loudly that a disturbing majority of the public has accepted it as truth. Absolutely no research supports this claim. To the contrary, thousands of people have overcome this desire, have withdrawn from homosexual behavior and have gone on to enjoy fulfilling heterosexual relationships"
"Compassion compels us to reach out to support healing of individuals who have been drawn into the homosexual lifestyle. And healing is possible!"
"the militant agenda of homosexual activists represents the single greatest threat to our Judeo-Christian family values, and to societal stability as a whole, of this generation."

"Homosexual activists are not simply seeking acceptance of individuals who engage in homosexual behavior. Rather, the primary, clearly stated focus of their agenda is normalization, complete social acceptance, of homosexual relationships and the undermining of the traditional family. Just as we cannot stand by silently and watch individuals lured into a destructive lifestyle, we also cannot stand by silently and watch militant activists chip away at the very foundation of our cultural heritage and our Judeo-Christian belief system."

Homosexuality – Where we stand on the issue – and why [CCV]

This "pro-family" org. is telling us, in plain language, what we need to know.  Where they stand is on the side of this debate that admittedly wishes for "destructive" LGBT people to not be LGB or T.  There is no debate there.

So where will this very same CCV group be on March 26, you ask? Why they'll be marching right alongside the National Organization For Marriage, of course.  In fact, CCV is an official sponsor of the event:

Good to know, as far as it goes.  I mean, there's going to be so much media attention surrounding these Supreme Court cases and the marches both for and against equality.  If NOM wants to use this, a time when it should be most sensitive to public perception, and align itself even more fully with the groups and people who are nakedly open about their animus for the LGBT person, then we'll be sure that makes it into the story.